Review 2011..

11:22:00 PM

What a life..!
It was such as great journey in 2011.
Laugh, happiness, cried were come over me. Nuttin' compare it with other. Even my life was not going perfect as what i want in 2011. But, this is life.. Always like this..

Okey, just wanna review about what happen in my life.. Yeah, i know it's kinda weird to tell to the world. Okey! Enough for prologue..

Let's began..
¤ my carrier was going "just fine" , maybe more than just fine. Because we especially me, able to work without under pressure. More fun. ^^

¤ my passionate in words? How was it? I 've tried my best to get opportunity in major publisher, but for this time maybe God still want me to keep try, and try and off course harder. Yeay, i knew some of major publisher ever been to contacted me but the result was the same. But, i am still trying for sure!

¤ my family? Finally they decide to move in Jakarta. So we live together again.

¤ vocation? Wow! I never thought that finally my office took us to another city that i've never been gone there before. Kind fantastic right?!

¤ love life? Damn! This is always be the same. Still no got the better one. I think Mr. Right is not exist, but Mr. Maybe there is a million out there. So still here, still the same, still find Mr. Right and Mr. Maybe. Anyone?

¤ education. Already got appoval to process my Paper work. Yihaaa!!!

I think that's it!
Nuttin' more i have to tell. But in next year, i believe somethin' extraordinary story will happen to me. And more targets must to achieve..

Am i ready?
Off course i am ready!
2012!! Here i come!!
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