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My New Baby was Born

12:35:00 PM

It's such as amazing moment when last week i found my book on bookstore alerady.
Yes, my first novel on major publisher publised already. Now you can find it in Gramedia Bookstore.

As per my previous blog post before, that my novel The Apartment is tell a love story between a women from Indonesia and men from Korea. The story took place in Jakarta and Seoul. But almost of the story is in Seoul. The story for me is kinda represent about how big Korean Wave in Indonesia. So i think this is the best timing for this novel.

Honestly, i made this novel since 2009 and finished on 2010. It was only take 9 months, and already tried to submit to other major publisher but reject by them. I try to revise and try to make it perfect then walla on the end of 2011 i sent it to Media Pressindo then confirmed to accept on January 2012. 

So guys, if you wanna go to bookstore.. don't forget to buy it yaahh and share your  comment about my book..^^

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